Welcome to The Jim List!

This website will forever immortalize the hates, the loves and the thoughts of Jim. The lives he has touched are many. His impact immeasurable. Only history will be able to judge him.

And he would without a doubt hate this website.

The Jim List Count

  • 110 Hate
  • 34 Like
  • 12 Love
  • 11 Boggled
  • 6 Hankerings
  • 2 Galled
  • 2 Scared
  • 2 Doesn't Mind
  • 1 Come to Terms With
  • 1 Not Fond Of
  • 10 Creeps Out
  • 1 Wish
  • 10 God Bless

Jim Hates

It is long. It is nasty. It is the list that stared it all!

  • Cell phone rings (you know the one that plays stupid songs)
  • McDonalds
  • female folk singers
  • Word Perfect
  • pt71
  • forced withdrawals
  • The Big Soup (the sitting area)
  • having to log in as different groups
  • Friday timesheets
  • Jim hates errors (in particular, the error on Sept 24, 2002)
  • having his feelings hurt
  • argueing
  • the sweater that tangles his chair
  • Word Perfect (with respect to copy/paste)
  • quizes in digital think courses
  • Difference Reports
  • old ladies
  • smell of McDonalds food
  • being subjected to smoke
  • Pin exclusion
  • Performance reviews
  • surveys
  • Cindy
  • Norm Coleman (U.S. Congressional Candidate for the state of Minnesota)
  • hate birthdays
  • soft toothbrushes (cuz they're crappy)
  • Restaurants
  • Crash Test Dummies
  • Getting picture taken
  • These lists
  • Cats
  • pennies
  • promotions without raises
  • soap operas
  • Oprah
  • The clown
  • ELAINE S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • LOTR elves
  • his current job
  • The freakin' 'having' with a 'group by' on multiple tables
  • any type of games including board games and video games
  • Powerbuilder
  • When he stinks
  • Chantel Kreviazuk
  • Gordon Sinclair writing style
  • Theatre
  • When UNIX insults me
  • Putting
  • Bitching about other people's music
  • People who don't flush their own pee and/or poo
  • Paper (Free press and the like)
  • Judy P.
  • Standing still on escalators
  • being pigeon holed
  • The Microsoft Paperclip Guy
  • Cap locks get out of synch
  • Sears commercials
  • Keg commercials
  • Receiving banner messages in UNIX
  • Spirit Fest
  • canned mushrooms
  • getting his haircut
  • how the task bar components slip and slide
  • road runner
  • cell phones
  • receiving greeting cards
  • when other people's feelings get hurt
  • people who don't wash their hands after doing their business
  • parties
  • hats
  • the way we do permissions
  • gifts
  • Fridays
  • drinking
  • recreational snowmobiling/ATVs
  • his old desk chair
  • Inspector Gadget cartoon
  • birds
  • website that automatically causes your internet explorer to start up at.
  • people imitating him
  • team meetings
  • withdrawal requests
  • bright lights
  • when you can't remember which bundle is which
  • certain milk commercials (with the little girl: "grow your imagination")
  • David CarusoCSI Miami
  • redoing work (because we did it wrong the first AND second time)
  • Alexander Keith's advocate (loud bar talkercommercial)
  • making vague decisions without sufficient criteria
  • his own telephone
  • game shows
  • The Price is Right gameshow
  • The slash/star comments
  • Paul McCartney
  • Tom Petty
  • Phone menus
  • knick knacks
  • being so stupid
  • visio
  • lotteries
  • "Walk 500 Miles" song
  • contests
  • coupons
  • sunflower seeds (spits)
  • the word "jewelery" (and the item itself)
  • Ford commercials
  • bar stools
  • all word processors
  • riding on planes
  • chocolate milk

Jim Likes

It isn't as long as the hate list, but allow us to present Jim's like list.

  • to bitch
  • any kind of chip (except buffalo chips, maybe)
  • would like to see Travis pop
  • Wayne and Shuster
  • Coffee Crisp bars
  • Danishes
  • the way Mo thinks
  • Dogs
  • Nothing
  • likes my mom's muffins
  • To smack his ball hard ???
  • To put in a full day's work
  • Leprechaun 3 & 4 movies
  • right click send to unix
  • to laugh
  • Simply Irresistable video plus remake
  • Law and Order
  • boats
  • sweet tits (Andrew Thorne)
  • flying in a little 4 seater
  • alt.binaries
  • 99 in Get Smart
  • Don Adams in Get Smart
  • standard transmission
  • some aspects of winter (fewer people on the street/outside)
  • his landlord
  • the way Ken Moore thinks
  • Happy Gilmore beating up Bob Barker
  • The Fonz
  • Normal chairs (not bar chairs)
  • bananas
  • Picadillies
  • snakes
  • spiders
  • girl in the Axe commercial (chinese woman)

Jim Loves

How can one have so much hate without the ability to love. While much more selective in what he loves, we happily present Jim's Love list.

  • to have logs emailed to him
  • the run_job unix script
  • Married with Children
  • Mo as a client
  • Chinese programmer (woman)
  • Process Account
  • Teething biscuits
  • Crackers
  • Showering
  • The Old Twilight Zone
  • Scrooge (the movie) 1954

Jim Is Boggled By

Jim always loved a good puzzle (no not really, did you see puzzles on his love list?) But these items down right boggled him.

  • waking up
  • when phantom objects mysteriously show up in PowerBuilder libraries
  • computer chip manufacturing
  • talking about the universe
  • Kevin's fantasy world
  • PVCS' anomalies
  • Andrew's PowerBuilder if/function call
  • why it doesn't crap
  • who pays $1000 for patio furniture
  • why Jim's boggled list isn't bigger
  • EDS' WHIMIS training

Jim's Hankerings

Sometimes, when his mood was just right, even Jim could get a good hankering.

  • plums
  • to go home
  • Wagon Wheel
  • Halls (throat lozenges)
  • cantelope
  • listening to Mars

Jim Is Creeped Out By

As much of a tough guy he was, there were some things that just creeped Jim out.

  • Peaches and how fuzzy they are
  • Woodier Park
  • When we all look at Jim (at the same time)
  • Kevin wearing dress shoes without socks at work
  • Water massage chambers
  • Water blooping sound
  • Cheez Whiz
  • Rich's memory
  • Jim's "fan"
  • Commercial for breakfast cereal two girls singing "Dust in the wind"

Jim's Galled List

More than hate, these items are galling

  • sweet sweats making way more money than Jim
  • the mere fact that sweet sweats even has a job

Jim's Scared List

Few things could scare the old lug, but here they are

  • current head of lettuce in Jimmy's fridge
  • Madonna

Jim Doesn't Mind

You would think Jim would hate these items, but you would be wrong.

  • the smell of horse maneur
  • being at the hot springs

Come To Terms With

It is good to be comfortable in your own skin. Even if it is Jim skin.

  • being Jim

Jim Is Not Fond Of

Not quite severe enough to be on the hate list.

  • Cookies by George

Jim's Wish List

His one wish in life.

  • stop making lists

Jim's God Bless List

Could we end with anything else?

  • Murray
  • KT
  • us all (to CBC)
  • Marc (for getting the cappuccino muffin)
  • Mo
  • James K
  • Alice (and her screen shots)
  • Sax player (in Winnipeg Square)
  • Marian
  • Textpad 4